When it's safe.

Hello loves, I want to talk about safety. How do you know when something is "safe". My opinion is that generally there is no real knowing. Life throws curve balls at us daily; You can be driving through a canyon and a rock can fall on you. You can be running on your regular route when an unleashed dog comes at you unexpectedly. There is no predicting the future, only hoping for the best while still preparing for the worst. When I searched online, "safety" was defined as "the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury." From that standpoint I can say there is only some perceived "safety" based on the precedence of safety, meaning that we base what we

Mutual Love

" I love you" - three words that always change everything. Why? Love is the thing that we all want. We are taught to pursue it and even if we haven't been, when it hits we might abandon everything to keep it. Why is love so important and what is love? We mostly learn that love is a feeling. Love is the warm and fuzzies, it makes you feel whole, it bonds you to your partner and it makes you dream. I have been "in love" and I don't believe that is what love is at all. Personally, when I say, "I love you" what I mean is I believe in you. I know you are human and I am agreeing to partner with you in your humanity. I am essentially saying, I commit to you with limitations. I love my friends,

Nothing is ever lost.

Happy Hump day lovers. I wanted to reach out to you to encourage you. I am keenly aware today that nothing is ever lost. Every experience I have had in life has made me the woman that I am today. I am proud of her. She is warm, she is loving, she is giving, she is free and she came at a great price. Life and all it's circumstances give you two options; grow or get mad. Have you ever met an older person, so burned out from all of their disappointments or hurts that they literally wear unhappiness or they are constantly complaining? Better yet, do you know people who are always trying to force others into their idea of what is acceptable or right? I think those people are not happy becaus

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