Everything must change

"Everything must change, nothing stays the same. Everyone will change, no one stays the same. There are not many things in life you can be sure of, except..." CHANGE. These lyrics, from the famous song, "Everything must change" summarize the same message from doctrines around the world. Life says the same, even in the seasons themselves and in the changing daily from the day to the night. Why then, are we so averse to the very thing that is ever present in our example and consciousness? Because change hurts. We are always on a mission to accomplish the goal; get to the finish line and to stabilize. We are taught that we should seek the American dream which is a stable one; the good job,

Get it out!

When you have things bottled up inside of you, get them out! The word disease is exact; DIS Ease. Sickness of the heart, mind or body many times starts with emotions. Emotions are the "feelings" that cause people to make life-altering decisions and have literally run the world at times. They cause people to dream, to relocate and even in the worse scenarios, to kill. If these emotions are so powerful, allowing them to stay trapped inside of your body can have destructive results. If you are feeling down or overwhelmed I suggest that you express somehow. Give yourself the time to write a song, to paint a painting, craft or arrange a bouquet. Even if you are not artistic you can journal or w

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