January 31, 2019

Hello loves, I want to talk about safety.  How do you know when something is "safe".  My opinion is that generally there is no real knowing. Life throws curve balls at us daily; You can be driving through a canyon and a rock can fall on you.  You can be running on your...

November 14, 2016

I am a winner, though I have lost a lot in life. I have had many ups and downs though I count my ups more highly than my downs. My perspective is that what is meant for me cannot be had by another. I am truly a faithful person who knows my destiny is written in the sta...

October 10, 2016

Life is not as long as we often feel it is.  How many people left before they knew they would?  So many that I know and have heard of. And so today I encourage you to live from the heart:  Love from your heart, dream from your heart, forgive from your heart, hold on wi...

May 17, 2016




I love people.  I am a giver.  I want the best for those around me.  If you're a normal person, this is probably true about you too.  We all want to see those around us smile.  I live to make others happy.... at least I used to. 


When happin...

April 13, 2016


 Mood:  Irritated.


In all of life, we must play a game.   When we go to work, we are conditioned to behave in a way that is professional. In social settings we learn to follow social norms to be accepted; and in relationships, we play the game of hiding until we are c...

March 31, 2016


Dear God, help me find beauty in everything. 


I need you to help me see the clouds as something to bring nourishment and not something to rain on my parade.  Let me see lack as something to make me wise, not to make me suffer.  Give me a heart of compassion that is bo...

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