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Parts of Me

If you are like me you only give away parts of yourself. I know how to love my animal, my child or my parents. When it comes to loving someone with me having something to lose it seems to be much harder to commit to giving more than a part. We reserve the whole, or at least I do, to avoid the devastation of losing it all.

To me, to "lose it all", is about losing hope. I always say heartbreak is less about losing love than it is about losing dreams. When you love someone you have dreams for the future and plans for tomorrow. When things don't work out you must deal with the death of those dreams and the end of expectation. As a person with great vision and strong expectations, that feeling is almost irreconcilable for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the type of person that puts their mind to something and gets it done. I am compelled by the "no" or people thinking I can't do something and proving them wrong. Love is not like that. It is about two people on two separate journeys coming together and trying to stay on one road together. That is the riskiest thing I can think of. People grow and change and decide this is not what they wanted. They move from house to house or city to city or change their hair color. I don't want to be changed like paint on a house. '