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"I want to hurt you!!!", words rarely spoken but acted in practice by billions of people daily.

You may have heard the saying, "Hurt people hurt people" and oh how true it is. What compels another person to seek you out, target you and intentionally try to make you hurt: Emptiness. There is a hollowness of soul that you may have never known and thank God for that. Some people feel empty, whether situationally or in general. They feel thrown away and disregarded by life circumstances, opinions, generally by people or by God himself. Those people want to get rid of that feeling of hollowness so bad that they are willing to try and destroy other people to do it. They long to transfer their misery onto other people, however, every act of violence only hurls them deeper into it. The karma of intentional harm is internal desolation and isolation from love itself.

We all know life is hard. People hurt us unintentionally and situations can do that as well, but it is hard to not see yourself as a victim when you know you are an INTENTIONAL target. It is difficult to forgive people who are NOT sorry for the past and who would harm you deeply in the future if they were given the chance. The bright side is that you could be them and you're not. Imagine feeling so small that you find someone who feels bigger than you and attack them constantly! Imagine that your whole design in life involves creating a picture of how bad someone else is; talking bad about them, lying on them, damaging them on purpose. Secure people don't have to do that. They stand back and watch perpetrators hurling rocks at them and don't understand. That's a better vantage point, I promise. It is a blessing when you can't comprehend targeting another person with rage or wishing to destroy someone.

When I face situations where I know another person wishes me harm, I pause. I ask myself what is going on really. I answer it like a friend would answer it and then I remember that ill will is always undeserved. If there is anything wrong in me, I try to fix it but no one deserves a plan of destruction. No one, even in all their humanness, should have to deal with another person coming for their jugular but it happens everyday.

If you expect to do anything in life or rock any boat: BEWARE. Someone is coming for your neck. If you make any impact in the world, someone is watching with lion's eyes, hoping for your downfall. It could be such a small accomplishment to you yet there is a predator in the bushes, waiting for their moment. The moment where they prove YOU AIN'T ALL THAT! The funny part is that no one has to prove that to a person who AIN'T...

My grandma used to say, the devil doesn't mess with anything dead. That means, if you're actually LIVING or doing anything significant, expect some frustration; expect enemies. It must be so. The realm we live in is crawling with evil. You are not an exception to the laws faced by Moses, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and even modern day Nipsey Hussle. You could get up and look in the mirror and think you are not a threat to the world around you and yet there is someone whose emptiness is overcoming them at the very same moment; Someone who wants to make someone else pay for the unbearable pain they themselves feel.

What is our only effectual weapon? Forgiveness. That is the only place of freedom. Understand that you are blessed to be the leader that you are. You are beautiful and that is why you are envied. You are powerful and you MUST rise above the forces that would like to martyr you. They themselves need you to shine light into their darkness. Maybe in time not only you, but they can be free.



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