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"I want to hurt you!!!", words rarely spoken but acted in practice by billions of people daily.

You may have heard the saying, "Hurt people hurt people" and oh how true it is. What compels another person to seek you out, target you and intentionally try to make you hurt: Emptiness. There is a hollowness of soul that you may have never known and thank God for that. Some people feel empty, whether situationally or in general. They feel thrown away and disregarded by life circumstances, opinions, generally by people or by God himself. Those people want to get rid of that feeling of hollowness so bad that they are willing to try and destroy other people to do it. They long to transfer their misery onto other people, however, every act of violence only hurls them deeper into it. The karma of intentional harm is internal desolation and isolation from love itself.

We all know life is hard. People hurt us unintentionally and situations can do that as well, but it is hard to not see yourself as a victim when you know you are an INTENTIONAL target. It is difficult to forgive people who are NOT sorry for the past and who would harm you deeply in the future if they were