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The turn

Hi loves, today I am full. I am full of love, of purpose and dreams fulfilled. On the music front, I am finishing my album with Jeff Lorber and commissioned to produce a radio program. I am in the second season of my podcast and it has been very well received. Personally, I am in love with a beautiful man but choose to keep the details of this romance as well as many other personal happenings lately, close to my heart.

Generally, life has not been not easy and I think I speak for everyone when I state that. There is opposition in this world and mostly to things that ought not have it; like excellence, success, happiness and smiles. People rarely oppose misery; they choose to wallow in it and embrace others who do as well. Most humans don't want to believe that other people can be happy because they are too busy wading through the waters of their own pain and trying to prove that no one else is content either. When people see love they want to prove there is a hole in it so they are not so consumed with their own lack of contentment. I have heard it said that life is not about perfection but rather perspective. My perspective daily is composed of how grateful I am. I am grateful for the gift of music and a sharp mind; both of which have allowed me great pleasure and experience. I am grateful that I am not hurting so much that I want to cause others pain. I am grateful to have left things and people that didn't suit me in the rear view mirror. I am grateful to God that even in my failings He sees a beautiful Kintsugi ; like that piece of art which recognizes my faults and doesn't deny them in search of public approval.

Yes there is pain and there is suffering BUT there is also the turn. The turn is when everything settles after the dust. The turn comes when the voices of opposition are silenced like when people who lied on you are uncovered and your reputation is restored. The turn is when you realize that those who broke your heart weren't yours to begin with and you're ok with it. The turn is when someone didn't believe you and they confess that you were right afterall. You see, the turn is the resurrection! Jesus is my model - they lied on a sinless person, they ridiculed and spat on him but He had a turn. His turn came to benefit others; the world. My own turn is the same. I promise that I will reflect it in lyrics, in poetry, in blogs, in podcasts. I promise not to let the lies or negativity win so that you can know to stand against them too. Even if I touch one person, my journey is not in vain.

What I want to say to you is - HANG IN THERE! You can do it! I don't care if the whole world is against you, you are valuable and time will tell the true story about you. You are God's child and He loves you. You can survive the toughest of situations even if it feels like your heart will explode. Look up, reach out, hang on. In this realm we will be tested. We are tested to the end and to discover if we will give in or give out. We are tested to hate others and hate God and not remember that He has created the human cell, the atom, the universe, H2O, C02, and every other good thing. Be you and know that what God created in you was ok - no, it was good. You are ok and if you don't feel it, know you will be.

Until we connect again, be blessed. My album Retrospect is being finalized and will be available on digital platforms and commercial radio soon. That's the turn.




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