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Everything must change

"Everything must change, nothing stays the same. Everyone will change, no one stays the same. There are not many things in life you can be sure of, except..." CHANGE. These lyrics, from the famous song, "Everything must change" summarize the same message from doctrines around the world. Life says the same, even in the seasons themselves and in the changing daily from the day to the night. Why then, are we so averse to the very thing that is ever present in our example and consciousness? Because change hurts.

We are always on a mission to accomplish the goal; get to the finish line and to stabilize. We are taught that we should seek the American dream which is a stable one; the good job, the house, the car, the 2.2 kids and a perfect mate. That dream itself is the heartbreak of millions of people when it is unrealized. What happens when the house is foreclosed on, the spouse cheats or the children leave? What do we have then but broken promises and disappointment? The dream itself breaks our hearts, not necessarily the change. Change is inevitable, however, we are mostly trained to hold on to youth, strive to live and work somewhere for 30 years and keep the same friends in our lives always.

Since we know that everything must change, it is incumbent on us to embrace it in order to survive. When it's cold outside, we bundle up and if we are hungry we eat. Once you come face to face with the reality that change is always coming next, you can look at it in a healthy way. Resisting change is what causes depression, disappointment and sadness. Embracing it can free you to face tomorrow with expectation and hope. How do you embrace change when you are accustomed to a certain life? You plan for tomorrow but you live in the now.

Worrying about tomorrow is not enjoying this moment. If you know change is coming, you plan for it. You don't live frivolously, you stay prudent but you also learn to look at the flowers around you and see them for what they are; the beauty of now. You smell the roses, you love those standing with you. You see them for what they are; partners in today. You can't control whether they leave or whether tomorrow takes you to a new city. Most times you cannot predict the changes that are coming. What you can control is your reaction to each new moment; giving consideration to whether it is "good" or "bad", however you define it, it is all subject to change. Things you don't like will change and so will things you love. People and things will leave or "change" because that is all part of the the soul's journey.

The essence of our spiritual existence is indestructible. We live on. One of the greatest lessons in this dream of life is to learn to overcome the physical form day by day, trusting in the plan God has for us. It includes changes, unexpected twists and turns and many times walking blinding through the dark... and although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for God is with me. His rod and His staff they comfort me. He restores my soul.

I encourage you also to know that today. God is right there, promising His presence even in the midst of change; while you are waiting for stability again. Change is not the only thing that is promised, peace is too. I'ts coming. In the meantime, smell the roses.



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