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When it's safe.

Hello loves, I want to talk about safety. How do you know when something is "safe". My opinion is that generally there is no real knowing. Life throws curve balls at us daily; You can be driving through a canyon and a rock can fall on you. You can be running on your regular route when an unleashed dog comes at you unexpectedly. There is no predicting the future, only hoping for the best while still preparing for the worst.

When I searched online, "safety" was defined as "the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury." From that standpoint I can say there is only some perceived "safety" based on the precedence of safety, meaning that we base what we feel is safe on what we have experienced. For instance, you are most likely safe from the rain in a house with four walls and a roof. You are probably safer driving in sunshine on a main street than on a dark narrow one.

I can offer another approach to this concept; which is the spiritual aspect of safety. My only real safety comes from knowing that God (YHWH) is watching everything and in the end everything will be just as it is supposed to be. I have been through very dangerous situations. People have wanted to hurt me and God has protected me. People have hurt me and God has restored me. People want to hurt me now and God continues to direct me. That is my safety; knowing Him.

I reach out to what some people call the "Universe" but to me He is a person. I have Christian values and I have belief in love personified. I have experienced His love, His touch, His guidance and His comfort. I have recovered when I shouldn't have and I have beat the odds. I attribute that only to how I believe. I believe that no matter what, God loves me. If people don't love me and situations try to wreck me, I still have that. I know He is there, just as Jesus knew in the Garden of Gethsemane. However, Jesus had to go through some excruciating things and so do I. The comfort I have is knowing that when I cry, I am heard. When I suffer I am trusted with the greatness of those who have suffered before and I have the same promise as them; that no matter what God will not leave me or forsake me and nothing can separate me from His love.

I am safe. I am safe because even in death I will find my guide. I am safe because I fear the one who can kill the soul and not the body. I believe in YOU. I know that you did not send me here to be alone or to walk away from me. I am eternally grateful. I pray now and always that your guiding hand keeps me safe and that I never take that for granted.

And to you my reader, may these words encourage you. May you find your safety if you have not experienced it yet. May God's love ever encompass you.



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