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Get it out!

When you have things bottled up inside of you, get them out!

The word disease is exact; DIS Ease. Sickness of the heart, mind or body many times starts with emotions. Emotions are the "feelings" that cause people to make life-altering decisions and have literally run the world at times. They cause people to dream, to relocate and even in the worse scenarios, to kill. If these emotions are so powerful, allowing them to stay trapped inside of your body can have destructive results.

If you are feeling down or overwhelmed I suggest that you express somehow. Give yourself the time to write a song, to paint a painting, craft or arrange a bouquet. Even if you are not artistic you can journal or write a letter to someone without the intention of sending it. No matter what you do, you must get the emotions out of you. When your body carries this around, you will begin to see the affects. Specifically, negative emotions are often the root of stress related diseases like anxiety, depression and even many physical ailments as well.

As a woman, I find conversation to be a big part of my therapy. If I talk to a really conscious girlfriend she can add some perspective that I didn't have or give me some comfort by reminding me of why certain things affect me. When I'm done talking I often feel relieved and settled but not always; Sometimes there is more therapy needed. Some situations beckon me to get on the keyboards and express those thoughts to the universe or to write what I feel in a notebook so I can look at it in the future and reflect. Maybe I need to take a walk by the beach and remember how grateful I am for the blessings I DO have or go to the spa and reflect. All of these solutions require action on my part. The action of release through activity and alone at that. We as individuals can rely on others but must find our peace inside of ourselves rather than through the comforting efforts of another.

I am responsible for my well being and so are you. Today I encourage you to find release. Write it down, art it out, walk it through. You are not alone, but you then again you are. You alone must learn to find your calm in this sea of life's situations and the only way to do it is to take action. Get it out! I kn ow you will feel better.



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