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What Race Am I?

Guess what? I wrote a book! Yes, it's a children's book but it's very important and I'm super excited. The book "What Race am I?" was written from a heart of inclusion and tolerance for children of all ages. I wrote this book because of how pertinent the issue of "race" is in our current culture but also as someone who has struggled to "check the box" on every application. Why must we check the box when we are all human beings, struggling to make sense of this life? Well in the name of fairness, even being considered for the " box" has been a struggle for minorities across the landscape. However, in order to get to a new place, I wrote this book for your children and the child inside of you. Scrap the notion that you need to belong to a group to be included. Remember you are individually important and unique. In fact. "You is kind, you is smart, you is important! " - The Help

I want to continue the conversation but start training our little ones to love their individualism. I want them to be proud of each part of themselves even if society has not highlighted those parts. God made them and God made us and we are all beautiful.

I am already working on other books and a new album because that's what I am: A creative soul. God has blessed me tremendously with a million ideas and I just try to get out one of them at a time. Thank you so much for your continued support. I will always work to make the world a better place, whether with my voice or my pen - or even just a kind word to a loved one on any given day.

I hope and pray that this simple book speaks to your heart and to the hearts of your little ones. Click the picture to buy the book or find it by searching on The ebook will also be available by the end of the month.

Thank you again!




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