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Happy day loves. I am so grateful to be able to write again since work and music life has been extremely busy! I'm happy about that. Here is a small post for you about your RE-actions to people, things and situations in your life. Actions are that; your choice. You decide what you are going to do based on your goals for yourself and what is in your mind and your heart. When I act, I think about what is best for me and for those around me and I generally come from a pure place. For the most part , I am acting from a place of love.

When I RE-act, I am following someone else's lead. I am letting someone else's action decide how I behave and although for many that is a fun game, I choose not to do that at this stage in my life. I once heard it said that if you show me your 5 closest friends I will show you your future. Isn't that scary? Yes, it is but it has a lot of validity. If you want to be a broke man, hang with broke men and develop their habits. If you want drama, involve yourself with people who take offense to everything and/or like "going off". If you want love - find people who value friendship, family, kinship. If you want beauty - partner with those who appreicate the small things, the big things, nature and art. That's what I choose.

Life gives us a choice everyday. Do we choose to be negative or align with greatness? Do we choose what is comfortable or what causes us to grow and be beautiful like a butterfly that was once a caterpillar? That cocoon is tough. It costs us comfort, freedom and the ability to move about. However, without the discipline that comes with the process we will forever be doing the same thing, attracting the same stuff and not growing or having any metamorphosis. I choose change. I don't care how I was raised and/or what neighborhood I grew up in. I decide how I am perceived and regarded with each action I take. If people misperceive me, time will tell them who I am. What I am not is a puppet to anyone else's actions. What I don't do is get wrapped up in the mania of someone else's' triggers or insecurity. I know that I am the child of the King, no matter where I'm from.

I'm royalty. I remember a woman I barely knew once told me to pretend like I always have a crown on my head. If I do that, I can do nothing but behave regally. I move with slow deliberation and I act because I choose to. I don't "RE" anything. I hope you can relate.

God Bless,



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