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What Love feels like

Good day lovers,

I want to talk about it because my heart won't let me move on until I do.

If we are lucky, everyday someone tells us that that they love us. It could be a child, a lover, a friend or anyone really. We are poised to hear it, to relish it and to want to believe it. But how do you know when love is true?

It is said that everyone has their own love language. Some express love through touch or words, while others like spending time, doing things for you or through gifts someone might show love. What does real love feel like though? Have you thought about it?

For me, love feels like safety. Love is a tried and true safe place to land. It may not scream at you with the biggest diamond or shout it out to the world on social media. Love says, "I want you" softly, gently, with consistency and in truth. It says you have hurt me but I am here for you anyway, it says I might not understand you but I respect you. Love is there when you need it, it makes the sacrifice; it builds you up slowly until you can be the best with its help. It gives, it does not take away.

All relationships cost us something; they are work. However, when you love someone and someone loves you, you want to do the work. You would rather work toward the next level than walk alone without that love. You dream of the future and you long for togetherness. There is magic in true love, not drama. It feels right and does not violate other people in the process. It is food to your soul.

So I guess after all that what I am saying my dear I think I'm in love.

Be blessed,



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