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Nothing is ever lost.

Happy Hump day lovers. I wanted to reach out to you to encourage you. I am keenly aware today that nothing is ever lost.

Every experience I have had in life has made me the woman that I am today. I am proud of her. She is warm, she is loving, she is giving, she is free and she came at a great price.

Life and all it's circumstances give you two options; grow or get mad. Have you ever met an older person, so burned out from all of their disappointments or hurts that they literally wear unhappiness or they are constantly complaining? Better yet, do you know people who are always trying to force others into their idea of what is acceptable or right? I think those people are not happy because they really believe they have lost. They think that life dealt them a bad hand even though they did their best. They feel that people have done them wrong and they didn't deserve it.

Yeshua (Jesus) experienced this and modeled before us the proper responses to life; gratitude and surrender. In the Lord's prayer and through His living he demonstrated faith in God's will and thankfulness for life and situations. Yet, He was among the most rejected, the most misunderstood, the most ridiculed. He was also the most powerful and He is our example.

Understand that this realm we exist in is not the realm of fairy-tales like the lie we are fed in movies. There is no one thing or person that will come along and solve your problems. Life is hard for the rich and it's hard for the poor. It is a series of lessons and developmental tests that we must endure. Even a rainbow, which demonstrates God presence, follows rain. Rainbows follow the storm, light comes at the end of the tunnel, rain-clouds have a silver lining. Such is life. Embrace it. Ride the wave. They say drunk people who get into accidents usually have a lot less bodily damage than those who are tense and prepared for impact. It's probably because unintentionally their guards are down, they are fluid; their bodies go with the flow of the situation. I wanna be drunk with faith; Faith in knowing that whatever impact is coming, no harm can overtake me.

I believe that nothing is ever lost. There are only things that in my limited understanding in the present moment I cannot comprehend until one day 20/20 sets in and I'm sure God's hand was guiding me all the way. I have seen His protection 1000 times over and I no longer doubt it. I done pine for things He has placed out of my reach. I look up and say, ok so what are we doing Father...? and then I go with it. That perspective keeps me peaceful and sane and at the end of the day, I can say THY kingdom come, THY will be done. Think back to some of the things you thought were good and you know now would have destroyed you. Those things may have felt like losses at the time but I'm sure now you see they were not. There is desire and there is longing but when it does not produce our expected result we must replace it with faith. Easier said than done? No, I live by this. I truly have faith in the creator of the vast universe and the intricate human cell. He's got this.



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