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The present of absence

Do not be afraid to turn your back on anything hurtful in your life. Give to yourself and to others the present of absence.

We live in fear many times; Fear of rejection, fear of loss and fear of time spent without result. There is no such thing. During the times we spend we learn and grow and we become better people hopefully. When it is time to walk away from something we are often afraid that we will lose out or won't be able to handle the hurt that comes from it. The truth is that you are already prepared for the moment because you are placed in the situation. You have what it takes to handle every moment presented to you.

Absence does not have to be physical, it can be emotional. When something is tearing at you, you have to make a choice. Will you allow this moment to overtake you or will you take over this moment? Taking over the moment means realizing who you are and what you deserve and not tolerating less. It means deciding that what others do does not determine what you do or how you feel about yourself. It also means deciding how you let it affect you. Stand back and look at the situation and make a decision how you will feel about it. You are capable of making that choice. It can hurt and it cannot. It's all about perspective.

Take the moment and look around yourself. Besides that element to your life, what else is wrong? Is there good around you with the exception of that? If yes, focus on the good. See the trees, not the forest. Do not allow one person or situation to rule your reality. That is your power, do not give it away.

Give the absence that you deserve. Walk away from the thing that wants to rule you. Abandon the thought that you are out of control and cannot survive this. Reject the notion that anything outside of you can make or break you. We are humans and we feel but feelings are not the pinnacle; the realization that you hold the reins is. Hold your reins love.... be light to yourself. Appreciate you enough to say I do not accept this, even if you never say a word to anyone outside of you about it.

Be blessed

Chelsea Nichole

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