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That green eyed monster

Ok ok, so I put a picture of myself here ONLY because I have green eyes and not because I relate to the title of this blog. Being jealous of other people, even with all of the problems I've had in life, is not really my thing.

I have a unique understanding. I really believe God placed me on this earth with a specific purpose, through which He guides me daily. I am in it right now. I live it and it is beautiful, with all of its imperfections. Because of this, I don't really think about the thing you have that I don't. I don't want your looks or your car or your house. I can admire all of those things but I know that the price you paid is different from the one I paid. We took separate roads on our own. r I own my choices and my mistakes and here I am, all of me; the good and the bad.

You may be prettier than me, thinner, or smarter or more accomplished. You may have someone who loves you to the core and I may not. You may have made a million dollars by the time you