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That green eyed monster

Ok ok, so I put a picture of myself here ONLY because I have green eyes and not because I relate to the title of this blog. Being jealous of other people, even with all of the problems I've had in life, is not really my thing.

I have a unique understanding. I really believe God placed me on this earth with a specific purpose, through which He guides me daily. I am in it right now. I live it and it is beautiful, with all of its imperfections. Because of this, I don't really think about the thing you have that I don't. I don't want your looks or your car or your house. I can admire all of those things but I know that the price you paid is different from the one I paid. We took separate roads on our own. r I own my choices and my mistakes and here I am, all of me; the good and the bad.

You may be prettier than me, thinner, or smarter or more accomplished. You may have someone who loves you to the core and I may not. You may have made a million dollars by the time you were 25. I didn't. I'm ok with that. I have a specific set of goals in my mind that I want to accomplish. I serve the Creator and He can make all those things possible. If He doesn't, they aren't meant to be. So guess what? You can't have the man that belongs to me or the job, or the contract or write a song that I should have written.

When a person is jealous of another person I feel they have a lack of faith. They feel like that other person has it better and I guess like Cain did with Abel, he thought God favored him. Jealousy is more cruel than the grave! It causes people to kill and back-stab and sabotage. It's an ugly green eyed monster that in the end actually destroys the person who collaborates with it. You lose friendships and/or your reputation suffers. Even if you think not, people see it. They know you are jealous; they are just too nice to say it to your face. YOU ARE OBVIOUS.

Sit back for a moment and analyze. Do I act jealousy toward someone? Do I cut them down or talk badly about them behind their back? Do I try to sabotage them and get pleasure when I do?

If so, what is motivating you? Do you have a lack of faith or ambition, or just want to stay vibrating on a low level? Maybe you should focus on all of the blessings in YOUR life. If you don't have any, go get some. WE all have the same opportunities to succeed. The choices you make daily make you who you are. Don't settle for being a person who is less than who you truly want to be. Give your ALL. Start by doing your best today. If you do that you will never feel jealousy for another person again because you will realize that your best is good enough and God is with you on your path.

Make yourself proud today and please stop victimizing those who have already done it for themselves. It doesn't make you look any better in the end. Believe it.

Be blessed,


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