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You're an animal and you can't be tamed.

I started writing a song called, "Animal" and I've yet to finish it. It was written with a bachelor I know in mind. It is true, there are some people, and not just men, who are hard to tame. I actually find beauty in it. It is not a challenge, it is an understanding.

When someone is hard to tame, they want to be sure. They want to be certain that they are not making mistakes. They want to settle in smartly and not be disappointed. They want to be loyal to the significance of "together". They are romantics and are very tender. The few I know are fiercely loyal and strongly dedicated. They love hard and don't let go; so that leap is huge for them. Their word means alot and so does yours.

What is the solution? Patience. Your best bet is to be you in all of your glory. Don't let their hestiation change you. Let them see you like an onion, peeling back one layer at a time, until they are sure. Don't hold their desire to do it right against them. Don't take their skeptism as a personal attack. It is something to admire and something more peole should practice. When they say love, they mean love. I respect it.

I will post my song soon for the world to enjoy. In the meantime, I invite you to peel me like an onion and see the beauty of me. I already see it in you. Believe that.


Chelsea Nichole

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