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No one matters but me

No one matters but me.  I mean it!

No one matters but me. I mean it. I know, it sounds selfish... and I don't really care.

When I was growing up I listened to my mother and my father. They had dreams for me and they had their own issues they were working through. There I was, a child, soaking up everything like a sponge, trying to become that version of me that I thought would please everyone around me. Its really what most of us do. We want to be good, worthy, honorable and enough. We want people to say that we did a good job and that we are smart or beautiful. I know those things about myself not because someone told them to me but because many people said the opposite.

I am not bitter. I realize that there are dark invisible powers that rub against us to make us feel like losers. Many people don't realize they are sent with darkness to destroy others by telling them things that make them feel small or by excluding them from the in-crowd. Everyday people call other people names like lazy, stupid, fat, insecure, irritatting and ugly. I have been told my share of those things. I believed them for a long time.

One day I woke up. I began telling myself the things I wanted to be true instead of the things I had heard for years that hurt me and yet I repeated them to myself. I began to say how beautiful I was while no one was listening but me until one day I believed it....and everything around me began to change. I began to attract people who say the same things. If they didn't,they couldn't stay. I no longer would hear the voice of darkness because I had been enlightened. Everyday I will say at some point that I am beautiful the way I am and I attract people who appreciate my beauty. If no one does that's ok too because NO ONE MATTERS BUT ME.

No one but me is in this skin. No one will have to meet my maker but me. No one's opinion of me will matter when I transcend. Only what has happened between me and the universe will count. If I see you there I will be shocked and so I live like that. I do my best because it makes ME proud. I smile because I think a smile is beautiful and I am kind because I like the way it feels.

I am beautiful, just like I am. I hope you can embrace this truth for yourself and give that love to someone else today.



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