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Shut the hell up.

Do it! Shut the hell up. Somebody needs to tell you because you clearly don't get it.

Hell is everything bad; The stuff you don't want in your life and the things that cause you grief. Stop inviting hell into your situation. Let me give you some examples:

"All men cheat"

"I'm sick and tired"

"I'm gonna die"

"People are jealous of me"

Are you starting to understand now?

You see, your words have power and as a matter of fact, many things that you have said over the years are now showing up in your life and you don't even realize that you caused them to happen. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing.... comes from the word. So then when you hear the words enough, you believe them.

It is a powerful concept. You have no idea how many times you have invited hell in or cursed your own situation just by repeating the hell you don't want. Or even worse, the curses you have conjured against other people, even the people that you love.

Telling someone they can't do something is a curse. Telling yourself you will never accomplish a certain goal is a curse. Every time you repeat the curse, you invite hell in. Do you wonder why you can't remember things but you always complain of having a bad memory? Are you constantly meeting liars but you always say everyone lies? Think about it. Change your monologue.

Try it. Write down one thing you want to change in your life. Just one thing. Start saying it everyday. Instead of saying people lie, say most people are honest. Watch what starts happening.... more truth in your realm. Say how great your friends are and I promise the bad ones will start falling off. Remember this, God created the universe with one thing; words. You are doing the same thing every single day.

Now.... shut the hell up and bring in some heaven; one word at at time.

Happy Friday.


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