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I'm expecting!

Today is one of those days where my heart is full of expectation. I have so many blessings on the horizon and I feel overwhelmed. It is like butterflies in my heart.

There are times in life when pieces start to fall into place but not because you have orchestrated it. It is because God looks into your heart and says, I have seen your work and this is your season.

People who know me intimately know my struggle. They know how hard I have loved and what I have given, even to those who never looked back to say thank you. I am the person who will give the shirt off my back even when its' cold and wet outside. I will stand there and shiver while you keep warm. I have always looked with compassion on other people's struggles, even when I am struggling myself. I was taught growing up that I was the "strong" one, so I let other people matter more than me.... and that's okay too because no good deed goes unseen by the universe.

My time is coming. I'm expecting it.... I feel it like wind against my skin. Rain does not fall every season but after it does flowers bloom, rivers flow and fruit is harvested. I am looking forward to my harvest. I am anticipating the love I deserve, the career I have dreamed of and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it all.

I can't name a person that I have intentionally tried to harm. People like that can't keep losing. We win in the end. We rejoice. We cry with joy. Our stories are the stories that are told that make people cry with us. If you are like me, you know what it is to ask the question but here is the answer; because you have a story to tell. It is not over. Darkness does not win. I am expecting and I know it is coming... the best OF EVERYTHING in Jesus name.



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