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Beauty in Everything

Dear God, help me find beauty in everything.

I need you to help me see the clouds as something to bring nourishment and not something to rain on my parade. Let me see lack as something to make me wise, not to make me suffer. Give me a heart of compassion that is born from my struggle and not a bitter one. Let me love others like I've never been hurt simply because I know You were with me every step and you didn't let any situation overtake me. Give me eyes to understand that nothing is against me and every situation is YOU for me; growing me, learning me, strengthening me. Help me to understand that no man can harm me without your permission and that I have what I need to get through every struggle.

I want to see beauty in everything: in darkness, in pain, in heartache, in suffering and in the lack of understanding. I want to get to a place where I say, God's got this, without seeing you anywhere around me, just knowing you have never disappointed me and never will.

Thank you in advance,


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