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With or without me

I want you to look into another's eyes and see love. I want you to be touched and know ecstasy. I hope that every dream of yours is discovered in this life. I want you to cry because you are so happy and laugh until your sides hurt, to be kissed with such passion that it warms you.... I want all of this for you with or without me.

When you truly love someone you feel this way. I feel this way for my child and I feel this way for everyone I love. I laugh when they do; I cry because they hurt. I never want them to fail because that is me failing through my love. I want their dreams to come true because everyone succeeds when they do. The world is a better place when people find love, accomplish goals and find purpose.

I have loved people who have found love with other people. That can hurt. For me that hurt has only lasted for a moment because I realize that what is for me cannot be had by another. If someone is made to love me they will. The wind cannot blow them from me. The sun cannot burn our love. I have looked at them and resigned myself by saying, you love them, let them be happy. Let them feel love the way everyone deserves to feel it. Be happy because love is found, not because yours was lost. There is no losing in love. There is no envy in love and there is no selfishness. There is only wanting the best for someone, praying they find it, even if they find it in the arms of another. Even if they find it without you... without me....

To everyone I love, know this... I rejoice in your joy, I find comfort in your love. I know if it is possible for you there is no holding me back. I know that perfection in love for me is only a matter of time and space. May you find everything that your heart desires.



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