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I love you

I love you. Those three words have built societies and ruined them too. That phrase is one of the most powerful phrases that is known. People will fight wars for people who have said it, people will kill to protect those for whom they feel it and abandon their comfort and lifestyle just to know it.

To know love is beautiful. It makes you feel like life is worth it; to have someone who loves you is one of the most comforting things and it seems too, one of the most difficult to find. When you find it, hold on. If you have yet to find it, hold on.

Life will bring love to you when it's right. It will be everything that you want but there is something that must be addressed first. It is that you must truly have love for yourself. In order to have someone fully embrace you and give you the treatment you deserve, you must believe that you can have it. You must know that you are beautiful and are worth everything. You have to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and remember the world was built on mistakes. No one is perfect and love is not for perfect people. Love is for you....

Do you deserve love? Do you act like it? Or do you give your love away to people who have shown they don't regard it? If you are human, at some point in life you have given your love away without a return. That is supposed to be a lesson, not a lifestyle. You are supposed to be learning from your mistakes and finding truth. Are you? If you aren't there is still hope.

Love will come to you if you believe it in. Love will come to you if you give it with a pure heart. It must. Nothing comes without faith though. Believe it in. It is coming, it is yours. Someone in the world is waiting to fit you into the puzzle of their life but they are waiting for you to know you're worth it. Change your mind now.



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