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The Center of Me

I need to find the center of me. Right now the sounds around me are so loud and each and every situation causes me to feel distracted, like I'm in a tornado of sorts. There are so many balls in the air and so much white noise but I truly need to find the center.

The center of me is that place of peace. It is the place that understands that everything is working together for my good. I know this inside and I have seen each time the reality that this is true but sometimes we unravel like yarn and lay out on the floor seeming to go in a hundred directions at once. This is what you call not seeing the forest for the trees.

When you look at each tree separately you forget that all of the trees make up the beautiful landscape. You see each leaf like an individual event , having a life of it's own and not interconnected to the grand scheme of things. This will make you crazy. It is making me crazy at the moment. I know in my heart that everything is not separate but sometimes I must make a conscious choice to believe that in deed and not just in concept. I need to say to myself and live it out loud that this is good. Life is good and it's working. Change is good. The lack of knowing is good, the lack of having is good. I am growing tall like the trees in my forest. I have direction because I am divinely connected. All is well.

This blog is for me. It reminds me that life works out. There is no wading in the water. I am swimming and moving toward my promised land. God is with me.



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