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If you knew my story

If you only knew my story, you wouldn't feel that way. What way? Any way but compassion and love and wanting the best for me.

We look in from the outside and we see people through our lens. Our lens is colored by our own experiences and heartaches; failures and successes alike. When we look at a person on the outside of us our impression of them mostly has to do with how we feel about ourselves rather than how we actually feel about them. I can't tell you how many times someone has said something to me like, "you think you are this... or you think you are that..." when actually nothing could be further from the truth. Your interpretation of my behavior could be completely off base even though in your mind you are 100% right.

If you knew my story, you would know that I am just like you. I have seen a lot of bad. I have shed a lot of tears. I have been betrayed by my lovers, my family and my friends. I have also seen a lot of good. I have laughed until my sides hurt. I have been loved by some of the most beautiful people on the planet. My story is complicated, it is real. My situations have been very different from yours but rejection is a universal thing. You can be rejected because you are ugly just as easily as rejected for being beautiful, believe it or not. You can be cheated on even if you are the smartest, most accomplished person in the world. You might just be the most depressed person hiding behind a beautiful smile.

And so as you look on... from the fragments that make up the whole of you, remember that. Remember that each person is carrying something around that you know nothing about. It may be them smiling is the only thing that keeps them giving up or that their relationship is the one thing they have to hold in this world. The very person you think needs to be cut down might be the one who needs to hear they are loved the most. If you only knew their story.... and they only knew yours the world would be such a better place. Maybe you can start by imagining that they are just like you.



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