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All for a man

Ain't love grand? Yes... when it's love. When it's all the other fighting, positioning and TRYING to have a relationship it can be draining and cause you to be someone you are not supposed to be. When you are essentially fighting over a man, it makes him look so important and you and the other women in the fight look insecure.

I'm not a feminist. I believe in relationships and I mean, in theory, you SHOULD be willing to fight for yours. The catch there is that if you have a real one, there is no fight. He is yours. You are his. If he is committed to you there is no worrying about another woman because there is no other woman. That is what commitment means. We are together. With that said, we all know there are no perfect relationships and it takes time to grow together sometimes. Sometimes your relationship is not yet exclusive and you are worried he will pick another woman over you. If he does, let him. What is meant for you can't be had by another. There is a purpose on this earth for you and if it includes the love of another, you will have it. You will have him imperfections and all because you are meant to be.

Focus on yourself. Do things that you love and on becoming a good partner for someone. The right person will magically join you on your path when you are happy. When you can look outside of a relationship and find joy and happiness, that is when you should have one. Otherwise you will make the man and the relationship an idol that is bound to disappoint you.

I am a romantic at heart. I love spending time, cuddling and I'm flowery with my words. I will tell you I love you in such a way that you will never hear it the same from another. I am not a person who doesn't believe in LOVE. I long for it... it makes my heart beat. It writes the songs for themselves and pens my poems. However, I also know my value. I know that if love is not meant for me in this season I will find it in another. I believe that the love of my life does not belong to another woman and can't be fought over. I trust with all of my heart that my true love has a heart with only room for me. I rest in that.

Remember, if you are fighting there is no peace. Fight with your faith. Believe in your destiny. There is a perfect person for you. He does not require you to fight another woman to have him. You true love would never want that for you.

Be blessed,

Chelsea Nichol e

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