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I know what you did last night!

....But I really don't care. Believe it or not.

Karma... it's our best friend OR our worst enemy or both. Friend or foe, it does not report to me or to you. Karma does its thing all on it's own. I have learned this lesson after many attempts to try and twist its arm in the direction of what I think is fair. I even wrote a song about it the lyrics stating, "Karma where are you? You never come on time!"

Karma comes on time and in the best way. You are not really doing me wrong in the long run. You are ultimately hurting yourself. I take my hands off of it. I lean back with my proverbial arms behind my head, watching the results like a movie. Every great book of wisdom states it. What comes around goes around and in time the vindication comes. By then God has let the victim calm down and detach from the situation. If Karma was instant, the world would probably implode. It might not come when you want it but it always comes just in time.

From my heart I do my best. I want what is best for myself and for others. When I commit to something, I am true. I do not have a need to divide myself to satisfy me. I am satisfied. I believe there is beauty in each moment. Though sometimes I might not find it in the place I desire it most, I still find it daily: in flowers, in hot chocolate, in the sunrise, in motherhood, in lavender, in soft pillows, in perfect lipstick, in butterflies, in perfume, in laughter, in tears, in a glass of Pinot, in the smile lines on my face. I find my love in every place I can. Because of that I don't focus on you or what you are doing wrong; That takes too much energy. I'd rather watch the waves roll in on a beautiful beach or hear some music on my headphones as I take a long walk. The truth is, you will inevitably fail me and I will fail you. When I fail you I hope you feel that same way; that my mistakes are not your business. They are between me and the universe.

I truly forgive you. I place you in the hands of the Almighty. He knows you so much better than me. He will teach the lessons my words fail to teach. He will show you the beauty of my heart in time and you will regret any harms done. I know it. I've lived it. I only pray for you that the time is kind enough to allow you to bask in my beauty once you realize the mistake.... and before it's too late.

If you want to hear my song, "Karma" hear it free at soundcloud here:

Be blessed,

Chelsea Nichole

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