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Until you come for me

I am a winner, though I have lost a lot in life. I have had many ups and downs though I count my ups more highly than my downs. My perspective is that what is meant for me cannot be had by another. I am truly a faithful person who knows my destiny is written in the stars. Sometimes, however, just sometimes, I feel tired.

I am weary from fighting misperception and mistruths. I get angry when I don't see the turn come or when it feels like evil prevails against me. People often mistake my kindness for weakness and I am tempted to prove that they shouldn't. I suppose we all have those moments. As an artist I feel things very deeply though. I suppose that's the blessing and the curse. It actually usually happens right before a new album so I guess I should be grateful for the material.

I have love. I am loved. I am loving. I send my healing energy out through song to the world around me now because that is my gift. Each moment of deep feeling is a blessing to the world. I am bigger because I can break and recover, over and over again. I give that back to you with lyrics and prose; with melodies from inside. I love you with music. I heal myself with expression.

So for now I will emote. I will honor that intensity with the tone of my voice and I will wait until you come for me. Come for me happy, come for me grateful, come for me peace. Bring the hope in humanity that makes me the beautiful woman that I am again and again. I know there are lessons to be learned because I've always looked behind me and appreciated them in hindsight. It is this moment though, that I must trust in the future; knowing that all things have a season and everything has a purpose. I do.

With love and waiting,


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