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Hello lovers. I call you that in hopes that you are loving more than anything. I am trying everyday. So what are you doing? Are you reacting to the elements around you? If so, you are a follower. Yes I said it .

Everyday things and people are putting themselves in a position of leadership in your life with happenings and words. When someone says something to you do you react or do decide how you are going to respond in every situation before hand? I am working on being a person who only communicates in a way that I want to, not to a stimulus of some kind. That probably sounds impossible but it is possible actually. With a bit of practice I have learned that things don't HAVE to be reacted to. It is a choice.

I am choosing to lead myself... to be in control of every interaction I have, rather than allowing situations to dictate my reality to me. I am choosing that my response to things is based on my experiences and I choose a new experience now; I want to interact with my environment on my own terms. When someone says something derogatory to me I can choose to ignore it. When I feel something about someone's behavior, I can choose to keep my opinion to myself. I am not an animal compelled by instinct. I am a thinking, breathing HUMAN with free will.

I choose myself today. If I want to laugh because something is funny I will. If I want to cry because I'm hurting or swoon at a song I will but I will not give a reaction to someone because THEY want it. If I want to give it because I care; because I love, I will. I am not a slave to people or circumstance and my reactions will prove it.



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