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Mood: Irritated.

In all of life, we must play a game. When we go to work, we are conditioned to behave in a way that is professional. In social settings we learn to follow social norms to be accepted; and in relationships, we play the game of hiding until we are comfortable. Those are normal games that people play in order to go with the flow and fit in. In truth, society does need structure in order to function properly and so to some degree I agree that the game must be played.

There is another type of game though that is not needed nor is it acceptable. That game is the game of deception. People deceive to gain from other people without having to pay the cost of that gain. For instance, if I wanted someone to love me but I know I don't behave in a loveable way then I would deceive them to think I do. I would tell them what they want to hear to endear them to me until I get what I want. OR if I want money but I don't want to work for it then I will deceive someone into thinking they should give me the money they have worked for. This kind of behavior is reprehensible. I have no respect for it.

There are people who will love you with all of your dirtiness. You don't have to lie to kick it. The problem is that deceivers don't want to be deceived themselves. They don't want to lie down with the same kind of dogs that they are because then they would get the treatment they give. They want to prey on the kindhearted, the loving, the trusting. They want to make love to light instead of fraternizing with darkness similar to themselves.... and why not. Flowers are beautiful, rainbows are divine Just like people with love in their hearts are warm and fuzzy. They welcome us in and make us feel safe. So why wouldn't a deceiver want to be around a person like this? They do. They want to be loved too but they are not capable of returning it. They are like snakes.

A snake will never warm up; It is cold blooded by nature. What does that really mean? It means their temperature changes with the environment they are in. They can't be like you and me because they are not made that way. They are functioning at a deficit just like the human snake that slithers into your life and changes with your environment. If you are Christian, they will appeal to the Christian in you. If you are open, they will pretend to be but you must know it is all for a purpose. That purpose is back to the game; and the game is getting from you what they want without the work. Getting your warmth, getting your money, getting your love without any real cost to them.

There is an old story that says that a little girl picked up a snake and fed it and petted it and was angry when he bit her after her loving care. The snake said to the little girl, "you knew what I was when you picked me up," and such is life loved ones. Don't be mad when a player plays you twice. That's what players do.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. #snakes

Be watchful,


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