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Better Me than YOU

I love people. I am a giver. I want the best for those around me. If you're a normal person, this is probably true about you too. We all want to see those around us smile. I live to make others happy.... at least I used to.

When happiness is achievable, we are both happy. When happiness cost one of us something, I will no longer choose you over myself. I used to think that doing that was pious, like that martyrdom made me a good person. In the end I was resentful because when you give, give, give and the other person stands back and keeps taking it will do that to you. So the lesson is, If I can make you happy and be happy myself, you got it! I will go to the ends of the earth for US if we're traveling together. I will go out of my way for you and cater to you... but that goes both ways. Unfortunately you missed out on the woman who would die for you. She actually died....

So now, bring love to the table, bring reciprocity. You will have a soldier. You will not know a better ride or dIer. I'm that girl. No one will be able to talk bad about you to me or hurt you if I have a say in it. I will always be there, standing with my face to the angry crowd in your defense. I will be your confidant and your friend always and I expect the same. I expect my tired feet to be rubbed. I want you to want me the way that I want you. If not, keep your love for someone who only wants a piece of you. I want everything.

Some people only want a part of you and that's all they give of themselves. I want you mind, body and soul. If you can't give it, that is still beautiful. We will have a beautiful friendship that endures through time.... But as for my love, it shall be whole. It shall be complete. It shall be everything.



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