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From the Heart

Life is not as long as we often feel it is. How many people left before they knew they would? So many that I know and have heard of. And so today I encourage you to live from the heart: Love from your heart, dream from your heart, forgive from your heart, hold on with your heart.

When you were a child, you weren't afraid to grab the neck of the person you loved or cry when you were hurting. That was freedom until someone told you to suck it up and be strong, until life taught you to clam up so that you couldn't be rejected. That fear of being rejected slowly crept into you, teaching you that you must guard and protect yourself. So you let caution become your closest protector and yet your greatest enemy.

Truthfully, this very moment is made for you and it deserves your heart. Remember who you are, what you used to dream about, what you want to do. Remember that first love that thrilled and excited you. Give yourself to that again. Even if just for this moment, surrender. There is an old saying, "it is better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all". How true that is, because with love we notice every shade of blue; we can see through rose colored glasses in a world of black and white and shades of grey. We are better for the kisses we share, the world is enhanced by the love we give when we stay in touch with that essence.

So simply do it. Give back to the world with courage, by deciding that you are strong enough to love again. You are powerful with love; unbeatable. You are strong because you have lost and have the fearlessness to try again. You are the child that skins his knee, gets up and runs back down to the playground to play again. That is courage. That is strength.

Loving after failing is the most beautiful thing for in this we know we are survivors. We find that the beauty God created within us can't be destroyed by circumstances.

I promise to be the first to practice what I preach. This heart of mine, it will love until it pumps blood no more. I can do it. I choose to live from my heart. I hope you can too.



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